Free US phone number

Note: this service is provided by CallCentric (

You can order free US phone number from CallCentric and use it with your Sipmobile phone for incoming calls.

Go to this page: Free Phone Number and order a number (registration required).

Then in your CallCentric account setting set DID Forwarding to your Sipmobile number.

Use the following format, where 991xxxxxxx is your Sipmobile number.

That is all. See an example:





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Free calls to US and Canada numbers

Enter US or Canada number in international format:




where xxxxxxxxxx is 10 digit number including area code.

To enter + press and hold zero.

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Sipmobile solution for WebRTC

WebRTC is a new standard which brings voice and video communications to web browsers without additional client software and plugins. Currently supported browsers: Google Chrome (exempt iOS devices), Opera, FireFox.

Advantages of WebRTC:

1. Platform and device independence.

2. No security risks with third party client software.

3. Secure communications – WebRTC always use encryption for voice and video.

4. High quality codecs – Opus for audio and VP8 for video.

5. Can be easily integrated with existing sites and business software (click to dial service for example).

Currently there are some problems with integrating WebRTC clients and traditional SIP networks. Usually you will need some gateway solution to connect WebRTC clients to a SIP network.

Sipmobile solution includes:

1. SIP Proxy which converts SIP transport from WebRTC to UDP, TCP or TLS,

2. Media gateway with automatic conversion of media streams between WebRTC and SIP clients.

3. Sample WebRTC Client – Sipmobile WebPhone.

4. Android SIP client – Sipmobile Softphone Android, which is fully compatible with WebRTC client inside domain.

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ENUM support

Yes, we support ENUM lookup. If the phone is available, it well be called directly. And call is not billed. If not, the call will be routed to PSTN.

Nothing special for dialing. You can enter number as usual, for example:

43 720 0101010

+43 720 0101010

00 43 720 0101010

This is the same ENUM test number.

Please none, if you use the first form, the call will be never routed to PSTN.

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How to change your SIP Password

Select Edit your account, login (make sure you reset your password after the registration, otherwise you can use the button forgot my password).

Then select Setup my services. You will view your phone number and current password.

Select modify and enter a new password.

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Basic ip phone setup

You will receive all information for basic ip phone setup after registration.

In your phone configuration menu find an option SIP Domain, SIP Server or SIP Registrar. Set in to

Set SIP User ID or similar option to your full phone number (i.e. 9911XXXXXX).

Set SIP Password.

Please use support forum if you have some problems.

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Calls from PSTN numbers

To call from PSTN numbers, first find numbers in your country.

For example for Slovenia PSTN numbers are:

Ljubljana – 01-777-41-01

Maribor – 02-707-41-00

Celje – 03-777-41-00

Dial this number from a landline or mobile phone. After you here an answer dial:

*10555 – 1XX-XXXX-# (Sipmobile phone number and press #).

You can also use the full form, i.e. *10555-991-1XX-XXXX#


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Sip Broker numbers

You can call more then 2000 VoIP networks for free.

Number format is:


To find SIP-Code use this page:

For example to call IPTel network dial

*478<iptel number>


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Internal numbers

The full internal number is:


You can also use the short form:


Note: this numbers are local and can not be directly called from other operators.

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How to call

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