VoIP SIP software

Sipmobile VoIP SIP software provides effective, scalable communication solutions for individual users and companies of all sizes.

Based on Kamailio (OpenSER) SIP server, our solution integrates other proven Open Source applications and technologies (Asterisk, A2Billing, SEMS, RTPEngine, Freeside, Linphone).

Our solution offer the shortest way to implement your own scalable SIP service with ability to add new functions as your business growth.

The key components of our solution.

1. High performance SIP Server, able to handle thousands of calls per second. Secure communications via TLS for voice, video, messages. Support for WebRTC, SIP/SIMPLE instant messaging and presence, embedded XCAP server, ENUM, NAT traversal support.

2. Media proxy with full SIP and WebRTC support. Full SDP parsing and rewriting, support for SDES and DTLS-SRTP, bridging between any of the supported RTP profiles (RTP/AVP, RTP/AVPF, RTP/SAVP, RTP/SAVPF), RTP/RTCP and demultiplexing, breaking of BUNDLE’d media streams, In-kernel packet forwarding.

3. Session border controller (SBC), SIP B2BUA, SIP App-Server (Voice mail, announcement, conferences).

4. User Self-service web portal.

5. PSTN gateway with built-in prepaid billing – real-time charging and SIP session disconnect, multiple charging plans, prepaid card support.

6. Centralized user management and provisioning services, sign-up, self-service, password management;

7. Customizable soft-phones for Android and iOS devices.

8. Push notifications for mobile VoIP subscribers: the main problem for mobile subscribers is that they must be active to receive incoming calls. It usually drains phone battery very fast. For this purpose we use Push notifications, which wake up the application when incoming call or message exists.

Our services:

  • Designing and architecting your SIP-based multimedia services.
  • Complete initial installation of the system.
  • Integration in already existing accounting and user management platforms.
  • Custom VoIP soft phone development.
  • Technical support.

If you have any questions – please contact support@sipmobile.org

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