Sipmobile softphone iOS

Sipmobile softphone iOS is an Voice Over IP (VOIP) / SIP client for iPhone and iPAD. 

You can download application here:

Price: $3.99

Main features:

  1. Free calls to USA and Canada.
  2. Audio/video calls;
  3. Online and offline messages;
  4. Push notifications for longer battery life;
  5. Secure communications with cryptographic software;
  6. Supports modern codecs (Opus, WP8) for better audio/video quality;
  7. Picture sharing;
  8. Compatible with Sipmobile Windows Phone and Sipmobile Android.

For setup you can use Setup Wizard. It is quite easy:

Sipmobile setup assistant iOS main screen

This is a main page of the setup wizard. You can create a new account, setup an existing account, or connect to a different domain. Example of creating a new account. Phone number is setup by default.

Sipmobile setup assistant iOS create account

Please enter valid email. You will not be available to edit your account if email is wrong.

If you already have an account:

Sipmobile setup assistant iOS existing account

The main screen:

Sipmobile iOS main screen

Picture sharing:

Sipmobile iOS picture sharing