Self-Administration manual

Self-Administration service allows you:

  • view recent calls;
  • use click-to-dial service;
  • manage voicemail (Voice mail number is 2000);
  • maintain your address book;
  • set call barring for incoming and outgoing calls;
  • set your personal alarms;
  • manage your account password.

Warning: users registered before 17.06.2014 does not have WEB-password required to connect to Self-Administration page. Please reset your SIP password as described here: how-to-change-your-sip-password. You may use the same password, if you like it. WEB-password will be set.

Login screen: Sipmobile Self-Administration login screen   Your username is <your phone number>, for example:

Password – your SIP password.

Self-Administration main screen:

Sipmobile Self-Administration main screen

On the left side you can view your last calls.

You can use click-to-dial service – just click the green phone icon. The system will connect you and callee.

Menu Calls – you can view all your calls. Use filters on the right side of screen.

Voice mails – see and listen voicemails. To receive voice mails you must set call forwarding. See menu Call Forward.

Addressbook – you can maintain your address book. Numbers in address book are also clickable. Warning – to enter a write number to address book please use this format: +<country code><regional code><number>. For example: +73432047600. The same format must be used for internal Sipmobile numbers, for example: +9911101010.

Call Forward – allows you to set call forward:

  • Unconditional, i.e. always;
  • Busy;
  • Timeout (not answer);
  • Unavailable (not registered).

Sipmobile call forwarding First of all select Destination sets: Sipmobile call forwarding set destination set Select Voicebox and press Add destination. Now you can set call forward – for example not answer 15 sec: Sipmobile call forwarding set The other way to set call forward is using VSC interface from your phone:

*72*2000 – call forward  unconditional to voice mail, #72 – cancel call forward unconditional;

*90*2000 – Call forward Busy to voicemail, #90 – cancel;

*92*15*2000 – Call forward on Timeout 15 sec, #92 – cancel;

*93*2000 – Call Forward on Not Available, #93 – cancel;

Call barring – you can ban calls from some numbers and to some numbers. Please enter a number in proper format – i.e. +991xxxxxxxx.

Reminder – set the time and recurrence, and you will receive a call at the specified time. Sipmobile reminder Account – you can change your account password. Note – your SIP password will be unchanged.