Sipmobile is a mobile application for Android and iOS that enables to make quality  international calls at lower rates than traditional mobile operators.

How can I start with SIPMOBILE?

The SIPMOBILE App is available for free for iOS from the App Store and Android from Google Play. Use this link to download the SIPMOBILE app on your mobile phone: (link)

Once downloaded the SIPMOBILE app, allow to access your contacts (you can call to your contacts over the SIPMOBILE app) and select account type. 

SIPMOBILE account types:

  • Create account – use your mobile phone number for new account registration. Just enter your mobile phone number and SIPMOBILE send 6 digit activation code. After successful account verification, SIPMOBILE text you account username and password. 
  • Use pin code – use your calling card for international calls.
  • Use SIPMOBILE account – login to your existing account.

If you a new user and want to register with your mobile phone number,  press on “Create account”. 

Confirm your country code, enter your mobile phone number and press “Create account”. Sipmobile send a text message with 6 digit activation code. Enter this code and activate your account. 

After successful code verification, you can start with Sipmobile. After registration, you get Sipmobile username and password.

If you have a special calling card and want to use your card on Sipmobile application, select “Use pin code”. Enter the pin code and activate your account. 

If you want to login to your Sipmobile account, please select “Use Sipmobile account”. Enter your phone number and password from Sipmobile text message.

How to change SIPMOBILE account? 

If there is a need to change your account, firstly remove your old account. On main SIPMOBILE meniu, tap on your existing account with phone number or pin number and delete current. Using SIPMOBILE “Assistant”, select account type and create a new account.

How to purchase SIPMOBILE credits? 

On main meniu select “Pay by card”. You will be linked to Sipmobile online shop. Please select top – up amount 5 € or 10 €. Add selected amount to chart and click on “Purchase”. Please enter your billing details – first name, last name, country and phone number. Select which payment method you want to use – Credit/Debit card or PayPal. 

  • Credit/Debit card

Select Credit/Debit card payment method, enter card number, expiry date and card code. Place order and top – up your account. 

  • Via PayPal

Select payment method “Via PayPal”, click on “Proceed to PayPal”. Create PayPal account or login to your existing PayPal and make a secure payment. 

How to call with Sipmobile?

  • Dial the number using SIPMOBILE keypad or select it from your mobile phone address book. Be sure that you enter the international number with country code.
  • Select Sipmobile keypad and enter phone number. Reminder: Not forget to add country code before your calls.
  • You can select contacts from your phone address book that appears in Sipmobile contacts section.
  • In Calls History section you can check your calls information. 

How to send a message with Sipmobile?

  • Select Sipmobile “Messages” section. Press on a new message.
  • Select from contacts to whom want to send your message, write your text and press send.
  • In “Messages” section you can check all your messages.

What are SIPMOBILE calling rates?

You can always check rates from the SIPMOBILE app under the Rates section or on website sipmobile.org.