Sipmobile – Mobile VoIP SIP solution


Sipmobile is a mobile VoIP SIP solution, which allows you make free secure audio, video calls, messages , chat with your friends using your computer or mobile phone. We support both conventional SIP client and WebRTC clients.

Why Sipmobile?

  • Free calls to US and Canada numbers.
  • Free calls to more than 2000 VoIP networks.
  • Free secure audio, video calls, messages between Sipmobile users.
  • Good quality mobile calls using 3G and WiFi networks.
  • Secure communications using cryptographic software.
  • International calls at very low prices.
  • Free WebRTC client – Sipmobile Webphone.
  • Android mobile  SIP Softphone.
  • iOS mobile SIP Softphone.
  • Amazon Kindle and Fire SIP Softphone.

Why we are different?

  • Our SIP Server software is designed specially for mobile clients.
  • We use Push notifications to ensure longer battery life.
  • Low bitrate and high quality codecs for 3G networks.
  • Zero-config clients.

What do you need to make call?

  • Reliable internet connection – you can use many WiFi hotspots around the world, 3G and LTE networks. We can not guaranty that this will work with any operator. You can try yourself. Slovenia is a wonderful country with this point of view. A lot of free hotspots, good сellular networks. It may be quite different in your country. But you can try.
  • Registration in our domain. Go to Register page to create your account. See Wiki page for more information.


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