Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Q. Is it Skype?

Q. Your services are very similar to Viber. What is the difference?

A. This is not Skype, nor Viber. Both services are using proprietary not published protocols. Sipmobile is standard SIP service. The difference is that you can use any compatible hardware or soft phone, and any standard SIP device.

Q. Skype and Viber claims to be secure communications. Is it true for Sipmobile?

A. Because protocols of Skype and Viber are not published their security can not be verified. Sipmobile is using open and proven protocols for information security. And it can be verified.

Account questions.

Q. I got an error during registration – e-mail address already exists. What is wrong?

A. During  registration Sipmobile Account (linked to e-mail) and Phone number (linked to Sipmobile Account) are created. So e-mail address must be unique.

Q. I wand additional phone number. How can I create it?

A. Select Edit Your Account, login and select Purchase additional package. Select package Voip Phone – no charge. This phone number will be linked to your account.

Q. I don’t know my Account username and password.

A. Your Account username is you e-mail, which was submitted during registration. For security reasons Account password is not reported. You must reset this password. You have received a reset password letter after registration. If you did’t do it, your can use reset password button in Edit Your Account.

Q. I want to pay – what credentials I must use in Billing and Payments?

A. The same as your Account – e-mail and password.

Q. I have several phone numbers linked to my account. How I can pay for each?

A. All phones linked to Account have common Account balance and billing.

Phone setup

Q. What phone settings I must use?

A. If you use Sipmobile soft phone for Android or iOS, you must enter your phone number and password. All other setting are installed by default. If you use another soft phone, make sure you select SRTP (mandatory) and TLS (recommended).

Q. Can I use UDP or TCP?

A. Yes, you can. But this protocols are insecure.

Q. Can I use my hardware SIP phone?

A. Yes, you can, if your phone supports SRTP. Otherwise calls will fail.

Q. Should I use special NAT settings on my phone?

A. In most cases NAT traversal is properly done on our server. So, using special NAT traversal on user devices is not recommended.

Q. What WebRTC clients I can use?

A. Currently we have tested jsSIP and sipml5 WebRTC clients. You can test your own client and report problems to, if any.

Q. What settings to use for WebRTC clients?

A. Realm:, Websocket server: wss://

Making calls

Q. What calls are free?

A. Call inside Sipmobile domain, call to Sipbroker networks, calls to ENUM, all incoming calls.

Q. Can my Sipmobile number be called from PSTN or mobile phone?

A. Yes. Please find access number in your country. At the voice prompt dial *10555-Your number-#.

Q. I am trying to dial PSTN or mobile number, but nothing happens.

A. Probably you have zero balance. Please go to Billing and Payments and put some money.

Q. I want to test your service. What numbers I can dial.

A. You can use this numbers: 2000 – voicemail, 0043 720 0101011, 0043 720 0101010, 0043 780 004711 – ENUM test numbers. You can also test calls from access numbers.