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    Sipmobile Webphone is demonstration but a fully functional application that uses WebRTC. It is quite functional replacement for Skype.

    Why is it better than Skype?

    1. This is secure communication. All signaling and media traffic is encrypted. Neither the government nor the Microsoft can not record you call.
    2. You don’t need client application, only compatible browser (Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox).
    3. It is compatible with standard SIP clients.
    4. Better audio and video quality.
    5. It can be easily customized for your needs. For example you can integrate it to your site and make click-to-call service for your clients.

    Why is it better than ordinary SIP client?

    1. You don’t need client.
    2. You don’t need to setup client.
    3. By default Webphone is more secure.
    4. Some telecom operators blocks SIP traffic. Webphone uses port 443 TCP for connection. This traffic can not be blocked.

    Setup. There are nothing to setup. Just open the page WebPhone in your browser, enter registration data and that is all. For registered users all type of calls are available.

    If you don’t want to register – you can use our test accounts.

    Compatibility: you can use different browsers and SIP clients, for video calls to SIP client the last must support VP8 codec. Currently tested – Bria for iOS and Voip by AntiSip  (Android). FireFox – currently only audio calls are working.

    Video call between Webphone and Bria.

    Sipmobile Webphone Bria video call.

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